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Sep 24, 2012 12:20am EDT
. peace, converse -- commerce, -- america should stop acting as the world's policeman. i do believe in a strong national defense, but the optimum board is defense, not offense. we do not have the money to continue the wars. our money could be more wisely spent here at home. >> todd akin. >> it is important to have a foreign policy to start with. you have to have some basic principles, the guidelines. that needs to an acute -- including iraq, afghanistan, a whole lot of other countries as well. the problem is we have not had that. what it seems like the vacillating policies we have almost punished our friends and helped our enemies. we decided to turn our backs on two of our allies, the czech republic and poland. we had plans to build missile defense. we gave that is a concession to russia. how much has russia helped us with iran? how much has russia helped us with the situation in afghanistan? giving special attention to chavez and turning our back on netanyahu when he wanted to meet with the president, the sending of mixed signals is very destructive to foreign policy. in the case of eg
Sep 9, 2012 6:30pm EDT
. challenges like illicit drug trafficking, trans-national crime and terrorism, in hansen commerce between nations, and dealing with climate change. it requires courage and leadership to take the first step toward mutual understanding. i have been particularly impressed recently with the president of colombia as he reaches out to two of his neighbors to restore diplomatic relations. they do not always agree on everything, but they can now work together on issues of security in and across their borders. i am particularly pleased that he has begun talks with the farc. this morning, i was on the radio with the president, talking about this problem, which i hope he will resolve with the support of other leaders in his country. likewise, to improve the relationship between my country and cuba, that requires courage on both sides. i am distressed that the united states -- that they continue the economic embargo against cuba and displayed no interest in furthering or improving diplomatic relations. all of us have continued to press the cuban government to respect human rights and political openne
Sep 3, 2012 12:00am EDT
communications and commerce and so for us, it is a tool but it is an important tool. we use it for communications, we have 288 facebook pages with 13 million friends, almost 200 official twitter accounts with a couple million followers. we're using it for communications. of greater consequence in my opinion is part of what we're looking at are some tough traditional foreign-policy challenges and the about how we can apply to our strengths the ability and to renovate and how we can apply those to a given for an apology challenge. >> more about the use of technology in u.s. foreign policy monday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> watch gavel-to-gavel coverage democratic national convention. every minute, every speech live here. next speeches from past conventions including hillary clinton in 1996 and robert kennedy in 1964, and ann richards 1988 keynote speech. hillary rodham clinton spoke at the 1996 democratic convention. the first city published her best-selling book. this is the year she testified in front of a grand jury about her investment in and involvement with the wh
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)